Star Yachts latest launch using Clements Engineering Stern Gear

Clements Engineering is proud to have supplied to another British builder, Star Yachts on their latest launch, the Bristol 32.

The Bristol 32 is a fast cruiser and her new owner is planning extensive cruising taking her to Ireland and around Britain. For this elegant new launch Clements supplied propeller shaft tubes, shafts and propellers, and cast the bronze rudders and rudder tubes.

During sea trials the boat has reached 22 knots and the stern gear has worked well.

Star Yachts Director Win Cnoops commented, “I’m always impressed with the quality and solidity of Clements products, way beyond that of off the shelf products, for a very reasonable price. It is something you wouldn’t expect for custom made items for which Clements always seem to make an effort to produce the most suitable solution. The castings are always faultless. Furthermore, the personable attitude to customers and the way Clements think along with the job at hand always makes them a pleasure to deal with.”

Prior to the Bristol 32 launch, Clements supplied to the smaller but equally elegant Bristol 16 which included casting the bronze tiller.