Truly "Made in Britain"!

With our own on-site foundry close to our other facilities in Bedfordshire, Clements Engineering produces castings for the marine engineering industries.

The castings are produced by experienced moulders from our Continuous Screw Sand Mixers using an alpha set system and cast from one of the 4 furnaces we have on the premises.

We have 2 centre axis tilt furnaces, one lift out and an electric bale out furnace for aluminium. We have a low level attrition unit and reclamation plant where we recycle our used sand.

We use a range of alloys including:

  • AB2   – cast weight up to 1.1 tonne
  • HTB1 – cast weight up to 750kg
  • LG2    – cast weight up to 200kg
  • LM4   – cast weight up to 300kg
  • LM6   – cast weight up to 300kg
  • LM25 – cast weight up to 300kg
  • LM31 – cast weight up to 300kg

Various heat treatments are also available.

We can produce prototype or small batch castings from loose single impression patterns, or alternatively larger batches from boxless patterns.

We work from current tooling or can provide tooling from our fully equipped onsite pattern and tooling facility.


Our foundry in action…

Casting in our small HTB1 Furnace.

One of our furnaces here at Clements Engineering in Bedfordshire, being used to make stern gear for boats around the world.

In addition to new products, we also offer:

  • Re-pitching
  • Repairs
  • Refurbish
  • Balancing (Dynamic & Static)
  • Welding
  • Straightening shafts and brackets

All repairs are scanned, fully balanced and are set to Class 1 as a new propeller.

Here at Clements Engineering we support our clients throughout the lifecycle of the equipment including:

  • Engineering specification for propulsion systems
  • Attendance on sea trials
  • Other ancillary equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product research and development