Clements supply to latest Blyth vessel


Blyth Workcats, the Essex based GRP Commercial catamaran builders, have just launched a new 17m Fisheries Patrol Vessel.   The vessel has been fitted with Clements Engineering stern gear and propellers.

This is the fourth set of stern gear supplied to Blyth Workcats by Clements Engineering in 2015 as their relationship continues to grow.  The equipment, designed especially for the vessel, is a 31” propeller and 2 ½ “ stern gear and was cast and finished in the Clements Engineering facility in Bedfordshire.

The vessel will be operating around the Kent and Essex areas and has been specially equipped with a hydraulic net hauler, hydraulic pot hauler, A frame and a unique RHIB launch mechanism. During sea trials the vessel managed 26kts in fully loaded conditions.

All stern gear and propellers made by Clements Engineering are calculated to provide the optimum performance for the vessel, taking into account how that vessel will be used and operated.