Clements Engineering turns round a replacement propeller quickly for a customer.

An owner of a shipyard specialising in large yacht refits on Southampton water recently needed some assistance with his own vessel, which was underperforming badly.

Solent Refit had used Clements Engineering products previously in various projects, from replacement new propellers to repairs where propeller blades had suffered damage.  Knowing that Clements had previously responded well to meet the requirements especially deadlines, which for commercial vessels, mean time is money he approached them to help solve this problem.

The boat in question was in the water and they had no idea of the pitch size or taper.  Clements solution was to calculate, design and manufacture a new propeller but not machine the taper.  Once this process was completed, they then were able to slip the vessel, take the prop off and drive it to the Clements factory.  Clements then returned the new propeller the next day and it fitted perfectly.  The new propeller has meant the boat now performs as it was designed, and more efficiently.

The boat owner, Allan Foot was delighted with the results and commented “the propeller fits perfectly and the performance of the vessel is as designed – Thank You Clements”