Clements help out Riverboat

Many thanks to a customer for giving us feedback and the pictures of his boat “Oliver Cromwell”.

“Received the prop yesterday….a beautiful piece of engineering….fitted it (with expert guidance)…..fits snugly…..bent over the washer to secure the anode nut in place etc….all done through the weed hatch.

The Oliver Cromwell

I’ve now been out on a test run on my Boat and I’m delighted with my new propeller….Clearly, as a novice boater I’m not qualified to comment with authority, but what I will say is that the propeller runs silky smooth – I observe that there is limited turbulence in the wake and that I cruise along without disturbing debris on the canal bed !….it’s seems to be just pure thrust water flow…! I’m particularly pleased with the responsive handling

In summary, I’m very pleased indeed with my Clements’ propeller. Please pass on my thanks to the team for their guidance, help and craftsmanship”.