Clements Engineering celebrates 40 years in business

Clements Engineering based in St Neots, Bedfordshire is celebrating 40 years in business this October. Designing and manufacturing a wide range of stern gear on their site, including their own foundry, Clements have gone from strength to strength over the last 40 years.  

The diversity of boat types that they supply to has meant that they are busy year round supplying to everything from emergency services boats and lifeboats, to commercial workboats and pilot vessels as well as leisure craft ranging from high speed motorboats to canal and river boats.  Clements products are often exported around the world in addition supplying the busy home market.  In addition to new products, Clements also provide a fast turnaround service for repairs and re-pitch as well as rebalancing for stern gear. 

To add to their in-house capability, Clements have recently invested in a 3D printer, which has enabled them to print patterns ready to make the moulds for casting.  Their on-site facilities include a foundry with 4 furnaces in which they use a range of alloys.  Extensive workshops provide facilities for all the stages of stern gear and propeller production from fettling, to balancing and quality checking. 

The experienced team have a wide range of knowledge of boats and boat types.  This means they can work with builders, architects, and owners to ensure that their stern gear is working at its most efficient, regularly attending sea trials.  

Paul Williams, Clements Managing Director commented: “We have a great team here many of whom have been with us for many years.  The last 2 years have provided challenges with lockdowns but the team have worked hard through this time keeping vital boats operational.”