Clements Engineering celebrate over 10 years working with Austhai Marine

In 2006, Thailand based boatbuilder, Austhai Marine started out building 6m catamarans and used Clements Engineering stern gear on their inboard powered builds.  Now, over 10 years on, the company has built more than 100 boats, and their catamarans are available up to 17m, built by their 50 employees in their purpose built 5000sqm facility.

Throughout this growth, which sees Austhai boats being exported to 11 countries around the world, they have continued their strong relationship with Clements Engineering.  One of the most recent builds took to the water recently and had a complete stern gear set designed, manufactured and supplied by Clements Engineering in Bedfordshire, England.

Austhai’s Managing Director recently sent a message to Clements regarding their experience over these years. With regards to Clements build quality and service he quotes, “At Austhai we regularly review our suppliers based on a number of criteria, including service, product quality, delivery times, price and follow up service. Over the years we have changed many of our suppliers. We have never on any occasion had any need to query Clements Engineering on any of the criteria listed above.”

The market that Austhai produce for is almost entirely in the marine tourism sector, with most of the vessels being used for day tours or diving trips. Operators are looking to ensure reliability from vessels to avoid loss of income when it requires repairing. Asian waters are renown for being heavily polluted, especially close inshore and damage can occur to these vessels, particularly propeller impact damage. The Clements propellers generally have been found to suffer less damage than other propellers.  The team have also reported that when damage does occur, the repairers have been impressed by the quality of the Clements propellers saying they are ‘too strong’.

This feedback from customers, helps Austhai relationships and the future business of the company. The Managing Director of Austhai concluded by saying, “A sincere thank you for your service and the quality of your product over the past ten years and we look forward confidently to the next ten years.”

Paul Williams, Managing Director of Clements Engineering commented, “Having worked with Austhai for many years, we were delighted to receive such a glowing report from the team there.  We look forward to working with them in the future and hope to visit their facility soon.”