Clements Engineering celebrates 40 years in business

Clements Engineering based in St Neots, Bedfordshire is celebrating 40 years in business this October. Designing and manufacturing a wide range of stern gear on their site, including their own foundry, Clements

A repair story from Muchgigglin

Here at Clements Engineering we regularly have urgent repairs to carry out on propellers and stern gear. Anytime a repair comes in we know that the boat owners want things turned

Clements and MAPSO Marine

Clements Engineering has worked with MAPSO, an Egyptian Company working in the marine industry for many years, supplying stern gear to a variety of projects.  MAPSO delivers a wide range of

Boat Winter Storage

It’s that time of year when many boats are coming out of the water for winter storage and often the first-time many owners will have seen their propellers all season. It’s

Feedback from fishing boat customer

Here at Clements Engineering we often attend sea trials with our clients to either trouble shoot issues so that we can design new equipment or test new equipment. Each vessel will

Statement from Clements Engineering

It has come to our attention that a person trading under the name of Red Diesel Marine has stated that they are working with Clements Marine.  We would like to state for

Shaft Machining at Clements Engineering

This week we are pleased to bring to you a behind the scenes look at our propeller shaft manufacturing. Our propeller shafts are available in a variety of diameters for all

Great Feedback from happy customers

After someone contacted us to help them with an urgent replacement propeller – it is always great to hear how they have been getting on. This is feedback from a customer

Machining at Clements Engineering

Here at Clements with our milling machine we are also able to manufacture parts – here we are machining a hydraulic manifold for a customer. Contact us here at Clements if

Propeller Finishing

Have you ever wondered how our propellers get so lovely and shiny? After casting in our foundry the propellers are hand finished to ensure they are smooth and efficient. The finished