Building to Lloyds Register

Here at the factory, we have 6 ship sets of sterngear and propellers going to one of our Middle Eastern customers. All the propellers and brackets are being designed and produced

Clements and MAPSO Marine

Clements Engineering has worked with MAPSO, an Egyptian Company working in the marine industry for many years, supplying stern gear to a variety of projects.  MAPSO delivers a wide range of

Feedback from fishing boat customer

Here at Clements Engineering we often attend sea trials with our clients to either trouble shoot issues so that we can design new equipment or test new equipment. Each vessel will

Shaft Machining at Clements Engineering

This week we are pleased to bring to you a behind the scenes look at our propeller shaft manufacturing. Our propeller shafts are available in a variety of diameters for all

Time Lapse – propeller

How about this mesmerising time lapse video of a propeller being machined having been cast in our foundry. As well as main propellers we also make them for thrusters such as this one in production for our client OYS.



Clements working with Lochin Marine

‘Otarie’, a Lochin 333 Harbour Pilot, is owned by Sea Star Survey based in Southampton operating as an offshore survey vessel around the UK coastline and the near continent. This vessel

Restoration project for Clements Engineering


One of the stand out projects that Clements Engineering has been working on recently has been the restoration of a vessel that has been renamed HMY Britain. The vessel has had